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    IRI Centar

    Entrepreneurship and Innovation

IRI Centar

IRI Centar is science and technology platform for coherent technology transfer, exchange of experiences and resource sharing between science institutions and industry. IRI cluster is run by Research, Development and innovation Foundation and it is collaboration and funding platform for industrial research and product development through science-technology projects.

Improving the competitiveness and the application of innovation in the business sector, strengthening local, regional and national research capacities for development and innovation and raising the level of cooperation between national and foreign companies and universities.

To establish platform for research, development and innovation (RDI) that combines private and public research and development capacities with goal to develop new products and technologies needed by business sector and society

To organize science-technology core team that will enable effective and operational implementation of R&D activities, fluid technology transfer, easier access to science-technology projects funding and exchange of experiences and sharing of resources between research institutions and the business sector.


Operational implementation and execution of R&D projects and business investments

  1. Technical support in project planning and development of project proposals for external funding
  2. Administration and technical execution of projects and investments including preparation and execution of secondary procurement procedures according to national law or PRAG guidelines
  3. Technology scouting and technical support in intellectual property matters

S2B Networking and efficient exploitation of R&D assets and available R&D public funding

  1. International collaboration and networking (Internationalization of R&D activities)
  2. Research & Development project fund raising (for cluster members only)
  3. Marketing and commercialization of cluster-members services and products
  4. Information exchange between cluster members about market needs, funding possibilities and ongoing development projects

Entrepreneurial skills strengthening, business development and incubation

  1. Business incubation and per-incubation of knowledge-based companies
  2. Investment project development and project fundraising (EU funds, bank loans)
  3. Technology brokerage, ICT consultancy and innovative business model development
  4. Organization of educational workshops, seminars, conferences and trainings