Council Board

Ana Bedalov
M.Sc. –

Project leader, project manager and developer of project funding proposals with experience in Physics, Science education, Biomedicine and Agronomy in public research sector and NGO sector. Topics of her expertise are optical astrophysics, image processing, research and management in science education, science networking and funding in R&D. Ana’s background is Physics and professional focus is on innovation in science and technology, best practice implementation, R&D project fund raising, training, networking and promoting public awareness of research and development.

Goran Pavlov
M.E. – IRI Centar d.o.o.

Project leader, project manager and developer of project funding proposals with experience in business sector, public research sector and NGO sector. Topics of his experience are: Electronic and Information Technology, Energetics Nature and Environmente. Goran’s background is electrical engineering and professional focus is on innovation in science and technology, best practice implementation, R&D project fund raising, intellectual property and investments in business infrastructure.

Željko Bihar
D.Sc. – Admoveo d.o.o.

Registered patent attorney and founder of Admoveo Ltd with more than 20 years of experience in Intellectual property (IP). Željko has a PhD in solid state physics from the University of Zagreb where he spent a part of life as the assistant professor. Nowadays, he is focused on major Croatian companies and their patent portfolios worldwide.

Founder Members

Official representative of IRI innovation cluster initiative that provides administrative core of initiative. Main activities besides official representation of IRI initiative are, networking, marketing, fund raising, project management, accounting, entrepreneurial skill development and education.  This is a startup company with experienced CEO Goran Pavlov and project management staff.

Public institute in Split with a goal to conduct innovative research projects in the field of biotechnological sciences (agriculture and forestry), to transfer the knowledge to target users and also to participate in academic education, with the aim of economic and social benefit of the community and protection of environment and traditional values.

The Mediterranean Institute for Life Sciences – MedILS is a life science institute in Split, Croatia, envisioned as an international center of excellence for molecular biology. It is independently funded, international, non-profit research institute. Research endeavors of MedILS are primarily focused on developing highly original, multidisciplinary approaches designed to provide novel insights into the fundamental concepts of molecular organization and functioning of living organisms.

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture is one of the largest institutions at the University of Split and plays important role in the area of engineering and high technologies. With around 2600 students and more than 240 employees, FESB Is a respectable science and educational institution involved in interdisciplinary research in areas of electrical and mechanical engineering, naval engineering and applied science. As founder member of IRI cluster, we are keen to increase number of collaborative projects with industry and to motivate young researchers to engage real-life engineering challenges.

KT Faculty is public higher education institution established in 1960 as part of the University of Zagreb, and in 1974 became a member of the University of Split. Since now, the Faculty has graduated more than 1,400 students at all levels of education in a field of chemical engineering. KTF is pursuing scientific research in the field of mainly natural sciences, chemistry, chemical engineering, and and biotechnical sciences, food technology, biomedicine and pharmacy.

The School of Medicine in Split was established as an independent faculty on 26th March 1997. It is one of the components of the University of Split. The School of Medicine in Split has four teaching programs: Medicine, Dental Medicine, Pharmacy (in collaboration with the Faculty of Chemical Technology) and Medical Studies in English. Science and research at the School of Medicine in Split is high above the Croatian average and fairly close to the lower European threshold. The most productive research groups are in the fields of applied physiology, genomics, embryology, neurophysiology, pharmacology and oncology (departments, laboratories and research groups). The available research laboratories are very well equipped and they are financed form national and international research projects.

The Faculty of Science of the University of Split is one of the founders and one of the oldest universities that make up the University of Split. Due to the number of students enrolled and the number of staff employed in our Faulty, we are one of the biggest components of the University of Split. We educate teachers from different areas of expertise such as mathematics, physics, polytechnics, biology and chemistry and we are proud that we produce excellent engineers every year. The students which accomplish academic excellence in form of a degree are fully capable to perform the jobs they have been educated to do and they are ready to follow any advances in their professions . Due to this they are very sought after in the job market. The Faculty also actively participates in the education of it’s students and other experts in their areas of expertise throughout their lives.

Founder member of the IRI innovation cluster specialized in Intellectual property (IP) protection and technology commercialization. The company goal is to completely understand claims and clients to the finest technical details, and accordingly propose best IP protection method available. Today Admoveo Ltd. is working with research teams of companies Podravka, HS Produkt, Jandran Galenski Laboratorij, Ericsson Nikola Tesla, Genos; and faculties and institutes like Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Osijek, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb; Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology in Zagreb, Institute of Physics, etc.

Stella Mediteranea is respectful manufacturer of traditional Dalmatian delicacies. Using own fruits, olives, figs, almonds with old recipes and modern technology techniques, Stella started to develop the finest Dalmatian delicacies. Products they offer are olive oil, desserts of figs, almonds and citrus, healthy snack with honey, a series of cookies, jams and spreads, nutritional supplements etc. With the carefully shaped containers and special positioning Stella earned prefix of premium boutique products and what is more important – a true gastronomic souvenirs of Dalmatian region. The production is carried out according to the HACCP standard. Also, Stella Mediteranea is the first Croatian company that received Halal certification. Company does R&D for own product development is open for collaboration and has track record of execution of EU funded R&D projects from Agriculture sector.

Society was founded in 2002 by Croatian scientists, professionals and expatriates as a non-governmental organization whose function is to promote education, science and knowledge-based values in the society through direct action. Our final goal is to influence the system of basic values. With a hands-on approach, we have organized educational programmers, published scientific journals, prepared workshops for scientists and science journalists. We founded an internet portal that connects scientists and professionals with the government and the media. And we are not going to stop here. Croatian society is small and tightly knitted; hence it represents a good ground for the building of a knowledge-oriented mentality. We aim to make our experience a useful reference for other developing societies.

R&D Companies

Adria winch d.o.o., working in field of mechanical constructions and electric drives
Applications and Embedded Experts d.o.o., working in field of embedded electronics
Bedalov d.o.o., working in field of advanced technologies
Capax d.o.o., working in field of marine engineering
Energoherc d.o.o., working in the field of mechanical  engineering,
Estate Winery, working in the filed of smart-food industry
Forum Auditum d.o.o., working in the field of audiological research.
Genom d.o.o., working in field of DNA laboratory analysis and testing
Genos-DNA laboratorij, working in field of DNA laboratory analysis and testing
Mikroprojekt d.o.o., working in the field of software and embedded microelectronics,
Plavo Svjetlo j.d.o.o.working in the field of advanced rehabilitation and personalized medicine,
SGM d.o.o., working in the field of bio-medicine and medicine equipment,
Sintaksa d.o.o., working in field of electrical engineering and energetics
Statim d.o.o., working in the field software engineering and applied robotics,
Urbanex d.o.o., working in field of urban planing and GIS analisys