With the funds from the CCI4Tourism project through collaboration with local and regional self-government, IRI Centar converted the attic of mid 19th century building to a space for open creativity and entrepreneurship.

The 3ANGLE hub is a modern equipped digital media studio and education facility aimed at supporting creative concepts, freelance artists and innovative business models and startups. The services provided are: business and financial consultancy and digital storytelling .

The HUB is organized as a activity cluster”, having its members join in on specific projects and activities.



Digital storytelling accelerator program

The accelerator program aimed at creative writers and other creative individuals to develop skills for developing interactive digital narrative and publishing and promoting digital experience products.

3ANGLE program (1st semester of 2021): 11 graduates / 3 business ideas promoted; Digital authors (in execution): program results are to be uploaded.

Expected outcome: 10-15 participants each year
Main outputs: Interactive digital narratives and digital titles.

The entrepreneur support

The individual trainings in fundraising, management and other learning activities are tailored in order to strengthen the skills of the local micro-entrepreneurs.

The HUB is incubating digital media studio and financial and business consultancy as a part of its support program and is supporting the peer learning process and other trainings involved.

Expected outcome: startup incubation and support with signing in one or two companies per year.
Main outputs: The successful business cases and models